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The Farm Shop

We first opened the doors to our Farm Shop in 1996 and various development grants have helped us transform into possibly the Premier Farm Shop in North East Derbyshire.

All the products we sell are sourced as locally as possible.

Our beef is mainly from the parishes of Ashover, Walton, Bakewell & Baslow. We allow it to mature on the bone for 21 – 28 days in order for the full flavour to develop.

Our lamb is either home reared or from Walton Lodge Farm. Again it is matured for at least ten days to give a full flavour and ensure it is extremely tender.

Our pork comes from Walton Lodge Farm too and is reared to the highest standards.

Our poultry comes from East Yorkshire and is the finest we can find locally. It is delivered to us twice a week ensuring we have it as fresh as possible at all times.

Try our handmade award winning sausages. These are made using the finest shoulder and belly pork to a traditional family recipe. We make over a dozen different flavours with the tomato and olde english being particular favourites.

Try our dry cured bacon. Available in middle, back or streaky. This is drycured by hand on the premises. We also produce a smoked version of all three which is cold smoked over oak chippings in our own smoker.

Try our handmade award winning pork pies. Made to an old family recipe in two different styles.

Try our handmade burgers. Made using the finest cuts of meat they are guaranteed not to shrink on cooking. Lots of varieties available during the summer months.