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We originally purchased some pure Texel ewes from hill farm in Hope Valley and on getting them home we discovered they had tattoos in their ears. This was the start of the HIGHTECS flock in 1996.

From these ewes and several purchases from Chelford and the Northwest Texel Sales we have built up and grown a flock to satisfy what the commercial market needs, that is plenty of muscle and back end.

In 2005 we split the pure Dutch Texels from our Hightecs Texel flock, to create the Stonedge Dutch Texel flock, in order to keep these breeding lines purely dutch. On starting the Beltex flock we gradually stopped breeding the Dutch style of Texel and now have two flocks of British Texels.

We have Signet recorded for a number of years and all our ewes are in the top 10% of the breed with many in the top 1%. Our breeding policy is to concentrate on muscle and gigot providing the best breeding rams for the producer of fat lambs for the butcher.

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A ram of major influence within our flocks is ROXBURGH SHOT GUN WILLIE. We purchased him in 2011 from the English National Sale for 3500gns. At that time he was the 2nd highest indexed lamb in the country and has done a great job for us. He has produced many top priced rams for us and other breeders selling shearling rams at Kelso. He is also the 2nd placed ram for conformation in the RAM COMPARE scheme proving his suitability for the commercial market.

shot gun willie med
Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie

We have continued to purchase select females to add to our flocks to build them up to number 60 ewes.

In recent years we have selected our stock rams by muscularity and gigot score along with trying to keep the breed type. This has seen us both purchasing rams and using our own lambs within our 2 flocks.

In 2016 we got the chance to purchase some semen of a highly rated ram HOLLYFORD VROOM VROOM. We chose him because he had great style and prescence. He was also in the top 1% for Index, Muscle Depth & Gigot Score. He has not dissappointed and we have used him for both our 2016 & 2017 lamb crop.

Hollyford Vroom Vroom

For our 2018 crop of lambs we have continued the theme of using rams in the top 1%. We kept a son of Vroom Vroom, out of a Tweed ewe we purchased in Carlisle, HIGHTECS YORICK. He is currently the 10th highest Index sheep in the country with a massive gigot score which sees him stood 2nd, just behind his Sire.

Hightecs Yorick At Work

We have also used the 2nd highest indexed stock ram, CORRIECRAVIE UNION PACIFIC. Again used for his tremendous muscling and gigot scores we hope he gels well with our Vroom Vroom daughters. We have also used a great muscled stock ram from Wales, PENYGELLI YANNIS, 2 of our own retained ram lambs, HIGHTECS AVICII & HIGHTECS ACTION MAN plus HULL HOUSE ALCHEMIST whom we purchased at Skipton this year.

We are looking forwards to how these rams perform and seeing their progeny later this year.

Corriecravie Union Pacific