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The Texel sheep originates from the Island of Texel, one of the north-western Islands off Holland. They were introduced to the UK in 1970 and bred principally with the Lincoln, as well as the Border Leicester, South Down, Hampshire Down and Wensleydale, to improve its potential.
The Texel has primarily been developed as a meat breed as it excels in carcass quality and in particular, in lean meat yield.
We originally purchased some pure Texel ewes from hill farm in Hope Valley and on getting them home we discovered they had tattoos in their ears. This was the start of the HIGHTECS flock in 1996.

From these ewes and several purchases from Chelford and the Northwest Texel Sales we have built up and grown a flock to satisfy what the commercial market needs, that is plenty of muscle and back end.

By using AI and purchasing select rams to use from home the flock contains many big name rams such as; KNOCK IMPULSE, TOPHILL JOE, DOUGANHILL JERONIMO, HALTCLIFFE JAGUAR & CRAIGHEAD HERCULES.

More recently using CLAYBURY KENNIE and his son PLATTIN NEMESIS which we purchased when he won the Derbyshire Club Show & Sale in 2007. These 2 rams have put tremendous power into our ewes and showed surprising results when we started to record EBVs around the same time.

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We have been recording ebvs since then and have been concentrating on the loin muscle to increase the lean meat yield in our carcases and breeding rams. Using different rams we have managed to achieve this over the past 4 years to the point that we won the most improved flock award in 2009.

In order to push this further we purchased 2 rams this year from the national sale in Worcester.

The first one in ROXBURGH SHOT GUN WILLIE (EJR1101108).
 He is the 2nd highest scored ram lamb in the country and will really give our sheep a good push.

shot gun willie med shot gun willie rox med

The 2nd ram was ARKLE SANDIAGO (WGA1100657).
He was placed 4th in the PRT class and has a tremendous skin, back end and head as well as good EBV figures.

p1000562 rox med arkle sandiago med


In 2005 we split the pure Dutch Texels from our Hightecs Texel flock, to create the Stonedge Dutch Texel flock, in order to keep these breeding lines purely dutch.
We have put our Dutch tup, TURBO Harry to these ewes in the past few years.
He is one of the best Dutch Tups in the country, he consistently produces outstanding lambs.


For 2012 we have used our new Turbo Ram (TURBO OHAMA) and our own bred ram (STONEDGE REMBRANDT)

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